Mower Mate

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Head Office

13 Kauri Way
Port Adelaide SA 5015

ABN  65831034424

Company Profile

Mower Mate is a domestic and commercial mowing business with over 14 years of experience. We currently mow 50 median strips for Fulton Hogan within the metropolitan and outlying regional areas of Adelaide. We can do broad acre slashing of large areas. In addition, Mower Mate can mow very large recreational ovals and grass areas. With each mower having a trailer for the cut grass, weeds and rubbish, we have a Field support unit operated by a competent mechanic to prevent major downtime on any job as well. Mower Mate SA can do jobs such as median strips, school ovals, council parks, investment clearing and large property clearing. Our current clients include Fulton Hogan, many schools in the northern suburbs of Adelaide, Property & Gardens, Department of Energy & Water Resources, Department of Planning & Transport, Department of Sports & Recreation, Department of Urban & Development, Urban Environs and NAWMA.

Products and Services

Slashing blocks
Slashing broad acre
Mowing parklands
Median strip mowing
Road verge mowing
School oval mowing
Gully and creek bank mowing


Department of transport
Department of Sports
Department of environment
school mowing
Department of Defense slashing