Two Way Cranes Pty Ltd

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22 Kilto Crescent
Glendenning NSW 2761
+61 2 9622 8830
+61 2 9832 2051

ABN  91160983246

Company Profile

Two Way Cranes Pty Ltd is your premium choice supplier of Mobile Crane hire. We are an organization that has been in business for over 18 years and have been servicing major Government, Commercial and Private businesses all over NSW. At the Core of our business is ensuring we provide the best possible service to our customers through our hands on Senior Management backed up by our dedicated and loyal employee’s. Coupled with our Modern Fleet of equipment and our impeccable safety and environmental record. Two Way Cranes Pty Ltd is a Certified and Registered Supply Nation’s Organization which is another major point of differentiation within our industry colleagues.

Products and Services

Expert technicians
Heavy lifting knowledge & experience
Specialised transport
Specialised project services including planning
General hire
Extensive modern fleet;
1 x 3 t crawler crane maede
1 x 15t Franna
1 x 20 t Franna
2 x 25t Franna super lift
1 x 20 t city crane
1 x 35t All – Terrain
1 X 50t All – Terrain
3 x 55t All – Terrain
2 x 60 t All – Terrain
2 x 90 t All – Terrain
1 x 100t All – Terrain
1 x 130t All – Terrain
1 x 200t All – Terrain


Supply Nations Certified Organisation
Industry Code Compliance Certificate
Government Approved Supplier